Stream Deck Plugins

Adding your own plugin

Made an awesome Stream Deck plugin and want to share it with everyone? Soon, the Elgato Store will let you do that automatically in one step, however until then you can add your plugin to the list on for visibility.

Follow the steps below to get your plugin featured.

  1. Create your awesome plugin, using the Elgato Developer Documentation portal
  2. Package the plugin using the official DistributionTool
  3. Upload the plugin to GitHub or your website, add some useful text (and ideally screenshots, videos to show how to use your plugin).

Option 1:

  1. Edit the plugin list on GitHub and add your plugin’s details in alphabetical order.
  2. Follow the GitHub prompts to submit a pull request with your changes. They’ll be reviewed quickly and your new plugin will soon be listed on

Option 2:

  1. Open an issue and fill in this form: ```
  2. Plugin name:
  3. Plugin description:
  4. Supports Windows (Yes/No):
  5. Supports Mac (Yes/No):
  6. Author name + Homepage URL:
  7. Plugin download link: ``` — Any issues or questions please open an issue on GitHub.

Note: Only plugins that have a release file (e.g. a release on GitHub with a .streamDeckPlugin file) will be approved.